New Safe T Torque Lock Enables Hands-Free Bolting

HMT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
HMT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
Reduce Hand Injuries

Despite the continued drive to reduce industrial safety incidents, just one momentary lapse in concentration can have a devastating effect on tool operators and those working nearby. Many engineers work in some of the most challenging conditions imaginable and face sustained exposure to serious risk of injury.

For users of hydraulically powered torque wrenches, the majority of injuries are to the hands and fingers. So naturally any tool that works hands-free will protect the workforce and help to drive down the number of accidents.

The new Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock

Enerpac has launched an ingenious safety device that improves operator safety by reducing pinch points. The New Safe T™ Torque Lock converts existing Enerpac RSL and S Series Square Drive Torque Wrenches into hands-free tools.

With a simple twist and push action, the Safe T™ Torque Lock, locks onto the application – allowing hands-free operation in any orientation. This brings many safety benefits to the operator:

  • The threat from pinch points is eliminated
  • Exposure to high pressure hydraulic connections is minimized
  • Operator fatigue is reduced
  • Decreased risks from dropped objects
  • Safe to use in any orientation

Alternative products available on the market address the hands-free issue in different ways. Certain types focus on just one industry sector, with some working using magnets, reaction washers, and others just compatible with bolt heads only.

The new Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock provides the best of all worlds by offering a versatile solution for different industries. It fixes securely to the application and requires no reaction washers or other loose components.

As part of a continued program of new product development from Enerpac, the Safe T™ Lock is just the first of a new series of bolting safety tools scheduled to release soon. Keep your eyes open for our next updates.

Nine New Models Added in June
In October 2020, Enerpac launched an ingenious new innovation to enable hands-free bolting. The STTL Series has now been expanded, thanks to the introduction of 9 new models. These new additions enable safer hands-free bolting on a greater number of imperial hex sizes up to 3 1/8”, and metric up to 75mm. The STTL hands-free system is especially beneficial for users working on oil & gas flanges, tower crane installation, machine installation/assembly (mining), and wind tower installation.

The new Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Lock

  • Transforms Enerpac S-Series & RSQ-Series wrenches into a dedicated hands-free tool
  • For use with Enerpac square drive tools; S3000X, S6000X, S11000X, RSQ3000(ST), RSQ5000(ST), RSQ11000(ST)
  • Minimizes exposure to pinch points and high-pressure hydraulic connections
  • Grips securely in any orientation, including inverted positions
  • Minimizes drop hazards of falling tools
  • Reduces operator fatigue

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