Mirage Portable Machine Tools

Enerpac Portable Machine Tools

Mirage portable machines as part of Enerpac Portable Machine Tools brand
Since joining the Enerpac portfolio, the design innovation of Mirage machines has continued to deliver new products that help get the job done faster, safer and smarter. Explore the full Mirage product line from flange facing machines, milling machine, drilling and tapping machines to clamshell pipe cutters and much more. All backed by Enerpac training, application support and service.

Decades of engineering know-how combined with a continuing drive to innovate has resulted in a wide range of world-class portable machining products – each one robust enough to handle the toughest of on-site machining challenges.

Flange facing machines

Flange Facing Machines

A range of internal and external mount machines for flanges with a mounting diameter of up to 120″

Mirage Portable Machine Tools

Clamshell Pipe Cutting and Bevelling

Enerpac clamshells are highly portable split frame lathes ideally suited for machining applications within new construction

linear milling machines

Linear Milling Machines

Enerpac’s range of single or all-axis milling machines are our most versatile on-site machining tools

drilling and tapping machines

Drilling and Tapping Machines

Heavy duty drilling and tapping machines offer high torque and easy operation through their heavy duty spindles with ISO standard tapers

Orbital Milling Machines

Mirage orbital milling machines are designed to deliver fast material removal and achieve high accuracy across large flange diameters.

decommissioning saws

Decommissioning Saws

A range of portable saws for a diverse range of tubular severance projects.

Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Machines

Hot tapping is a high pressure intervention and the Mirage range of hot tapping machines can help towards a safe and effective solution.

piping isolation and test tools

Piping Isolation and Test Tools

MITT Series tools obsolete traditional pipe cleaning and system hydrotesting methods for maintenance and construction operations.