biach nuclear tools

Biach Nuclear Tools

Under our Biach Nuclear Tools brand, Enerpac’s nuclear line of tools has a formidable reputation for precision bolt tensioning in several fields, most prominently commercial nuclear power generation.

Following the successful integration of Biach and Enerpac, we are pleased to introduce a new portfolio of precision bolt tensioning tools, most prominently used in commercial nuclear power generation.

Founded in 1955 and based in Cranford, New Jersey (USA), Biach has a formidable reputation for precision bolt tensioning tools. Biach has developed world-leading expertise and products for reactor pressure vessel head applications; over 90% of US commercial nuclear plants have Biach tensioning systems in use. In addition to nuclear power applications, Biach has supplied tensioning expertise to nuclear submarines, the NASA space shuttle, cable suspension bridges, the refinery and petro-chemical industries and much more.

biach nuclear tools

Self Contained Tensioner

The Biach Light Weight Self Contained Tensioner (SCT) is used to tighten reactor pressure vessel head studs.

electric stud drive tool

Electric Stud Drive Tool

The Biach Electric Stud Drive Tool (ESDT) is used for safe removal and re-installation of reactor pressure vessel (RVP) studs in minutes.