equalizer flange tools

Equalizer Flange Tools

Hi-Press Hydraulics is the official UK distributor of Equalizer International hydraulic equipment and products. Equalizer Tools are a safe, cost-effective, and simple solution for numerous Flange applications, including flange alignment, spreading, and pulling applications.

Small, medium and large flange joints can be separated, aligned, and connected with the help of mechanical and hydraulic power. The Equalizer tool set simplifies the process of maintaining flange joints.

The Flange Alignment Tools intend to align pipe flanges that are significantly (more than one bolt-hole) out of alignment. A comprehensive range of hydraulic and mechanical alignment tools, hydraulic nut splitters, and other mechanical and hydraulic spreading tools are available. These instruments are used to separate complex joints.

Innovative Equalizer flange tools under the trusted Enerpac brand

The world-leading Equalizer flange maintenance tools joined the Enerpac portfolio in 2019. The same patented product innovation, safety and reliability is available under the Enerpac brand. Find your nut splitters and cutters, flange pulling, spreading and flange alignment tools with the added training, application support and service from the Enerpac network.

flange spreader sets

Flange Spreader Sets

Our range of flange spreading tools have been developed to simplify the maintenance of flange joints.

flange puller sets

Flange Puller Sets

Flange pullers are simple, lightweight hydraulic tools used to pull together flanges prior to the application of bolts.

Flange alignment tool sets

Flange Alignment Tool Sets

Our Flange Alignment tools can be used to align or re-align flange joints during pipework construction, commissioning or during routine maintenance.

valve change-out tool sets

Valve Change-Out Tool Sets

Our range of Valve Change-Out tool sets have been developed to assist in the removal of valves, spades/spacers or gaskets from large flange joints

sealed hand pumps

Sealed Hand Pumps

Our range of hydraulic hand pumps have been designed with a sealed oil reservoir,