Tangye 100 tonne Hydralite

Tangye Hydralite PS620C1 Jack

Hydralite PS620C1, Claw base, 20 Tonne Jack

The aluminium Hydralite jack is one of the most popular out of the Tangye jack range with lifting capacities 20, 30, and 60 tonnes. Tangye products are excellent lifting tools. They are safe & easy to operate with lift and lowering controlled smoothly by an operating lever and manufactured in the UK.

Tangye hydraulic jacks have numerous purposes, including bridge support and lifting. Tangye specialises in producing hydraulic jacks and several other lifting and gripping tools such as Hydraulic jacks, Hydralite, Hydraclaw, and Hydramite jacks.

Lifting Capacities

PS620 – 20 tonne lifting capacity

PS630 – 30 tonne lifting capacity

PS660 – 60 tonne lifting capacity

Tangye Hydralite – 6″ Stroke Jacks

Model NoDescriptionTonneComments
Hydralite PS620Standard20
Hydralite PS620CClaw base208 tonne capacity claw
Hydralite PS620C1Claw base20
Hydralite PS620SStandard20screwed ram
Hydralite PS630Standard30
Hydralite PS630CClaw base3012 tonne capacity claw
Hydralite PS630SStandard30screwed ram
Hydralite PS660 Standard60
Hydralite PS660CClaw base60
Hydralite PS660S Standard60screwed ram
Hydralite P6100 Standard100
Hydralite P6100S Standard100screwed ram
Tangye Hydralite Jack Datasheet
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Tangye Operating Safety Instructions
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Tangy Jacks and Pumps Brochure
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