New Upgraded RC-Series Hydraulic Cylinders

HMT Series Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

The next generation of multi-purpose hydraulic cylinders

Introducing RC Trio. The next step in the evolution of the legendary RC-Series of hydraulic cylinders. The heart of the Enerpac range.

Highlights of the new RC Trio range include a new ‘Trio’ Bearing System for enhanced durability, and a new hybrid spring-return system for fast retraction and greater productivity.

With the 3rd Generation comes a trio of key features…

New Trio Bearing System

  • Includes up to 4 high-performance wear bands – offering increased resistance to damage, reduced bearing load, and longer cylinder lifespan
  • Hardened composite material wear bands increase bearing surface area for greater sideload resistance – Significantly improving cylinder life.
  • New high-performance Polyethylene seals are more durable and last longer than ever

New Trio Stop Ring

  • Part of the Trio Bearing System, the Trio Stop Ring includes an additional wear band to absorb greater side load.
  • Capable of taking full cylinder extension force
  • Manufactured in Nitrided Steel and High-Resistance Bronze, for increased durability. (Dependent upon cylinder size)
  • Features a durable wiper to help prevent contamination from entering the cylinder during retract cycles.

New Trio Spring System**

  • Hybrid pre-tensioned return springs for up to 3 x faster retraction and increased productivity. (On 50, 75, and 100 Ton models)
  • High-strength steel wire improves spring life
  • Spring retention design improves serviceability, while allowing higher pre-load during assembly
  • Spring is easily removed without special tools.

PLUS, all of these great features you’ve come to expect from an RC-Series cylinder, including…

Enduring Compatibility

  • For full compatibility and peace of mind, model numbers, external dimensions and threads remain unchanged from prior RC-Series cylinders. Ensuring compatibility with historical versions and systems.

Durable Piston Rod

  • High-strength steel plunger for improved life and sideload resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel coating protects the plunger
  • Internal plunger threads – for easy tool fixturing

Sturdy and Ergonomic Thread & Coupler Protectors

  • Durable material that will hold its shape under extreme use
  • Ergonomic shape and texture of the thread protector – easily attached and removed with oily hands, or when wearing gloves
  • Pliable Coupler Dust Cap – for easy push-on/pull-off operation

Enhanced Ergonomics

  • Standard carry handles up to 55 lbs (25 kg) where required. Sizes above accept certified lifting eyes and optional handles.
  • Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixturing (on most models)

Improved Saddle Retention

  • Hardened plunger saddle protects plunger end during all lifting operations
  • Easily removable for access to plunger mounting threads
  • Tilt and smooth saddles available as accessories (Compatible with the new range of CATS Tilt Saddles)

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