Flange facing machines

Flange Facing Machines

Mirage Flange Facing Machines from Enerpac cover diameters up to 161″ (4089mm). These robust and accurate flange facers create a continuous groove spiral serrated finish – essential for achieving leak-free connections on many types of flange joints. Several flange facers can also be configured to machine an RTJ groove for ring type joint gaskets.

Since joining the Enerpac product portfolio, the technology used in our flange facers remains true to the tried and tested designs developed by Mirage Machines. Choose one and you’ll benefit from quick set up, easy operation, and repeatable precision. Decades of engineering know-how combined with a continuing drive to innovate has resulted in a wide range of world-class portable machining equipment – each machine robust enough to handle the toughest of on-site machining challenges. A wide range of portable machine tools can handle the toughest on-site machining challenges. Tried and tested across many industries, please contact one of our team to discuss your project and getting the right tool for the job.


Enerpac MM200E

MM200E Outside Mount Flange Facing Machine, 0-203 mm (0-8″) External Mount


Enerpac MM300E

MM300E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-305 mm ( 0-12″) External Mount


Enerpac MM600E

MM600E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-610 mm (0-24″) External Mount


Enerpac MM760E

MM760E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-762 mm (0-30″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM760E

MM760E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-762 mm (0-30″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM1000E

MM1000E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1016 mm (0-40″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM1000E-H

MM1000E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1016 mm (0-40″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM1250E

MM1250E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1270 mm (0-50″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM1250E-H

MM1250E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1270 mm (0-50″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM305i

MM305i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machines 50-305 mm (2-12″) Internal Mount


Enerpac MM1500E

MM1500E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1524 mm (0-60″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM610i

MM610i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machines 50-610 mm (2-24″) Internal Mount


Enerpac MM1500E-H

MM1500E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machines 0-1524 mm (0-60″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM1775E

MM1775E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machine 0-1778 mm (0-70″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM860i

MM860i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machine 153-864 mm (6-34″) Internal Mount

Enerpac MM1000i

MM1000i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machine 153-1016 mm (6-40″) Internal Mount


Enerpac MM1775E-H

MM1775E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machine 0-1778 mm (0-70″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM1500i

MM1500i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machine 305-1524 mm (14-60″) Internal Mount


Enerpac MM2000E

MM2000E, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machine 0-2032 mm (0-80″) Pneumatic External Mount


Enerpac MM2000i

MM2000i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machine 610-2032 mm (24-80″) Internal Mount


Enerpac MM2000E-H

MM2000E-H, Outside Mount Flange Facing Machine 0-2032 mm (0-80″) Hydraulic External Mount


Enerpac MM3000i

MM3000i, Inside Mount Flange Facing Machines 1150-3050 mm (45-120″) Internal Mount


Enerpac FF120

FF120, Mechanical Flange Facing Tool


Flange Facing Machine Hose

F4027X0074HA, 1829 mm (6 ft) hose with male and female 3/4″ quick release flat face couplings


Flange Facing Machine Hose

F4027X0075HA, 1829 mm (6 ft) hose with male and female 1/2″ quick release flat face couplings


Power Pack

HPU-2, Hydraulic Power Pack, 3 phase electric


Accessory Kit

FF120FFL, Accessory Kit with Locators, O-Rings and Extensions


Accessory Kit

FF120FSF, Accessory Kit for Fine Thread Feed Screw, Ra 3,2 – 6,3 ? Roughness


Accessory Kit

FF120FSS, Accessory Kit for Fine Thread Feed Screw, Ra 1,6 – 2,4 ? Roughness


Jaw Locator Leg

F0411A0005XX, Jaw Locator Leg


Heat Exchanger Module

F0442C0001XX, Heat Exchanger Back Facing Module


Heat Exchanger Mounting Bracket

F0442D0002XX, Heat Exchanger Milling Rail Mounting Bracket

Spare Parts Kit

MM760E-SK, Spare Parts Kit for External Mount Flange Facing Machines


Face Turning Surface Comparator

RBCO119, Face Turning Surface Comparator

Mirage Machines

Since joining the Enerpac portfolio, the design innovation of Mirage machines has continued to deliver new products that help get the job done faster, safer, and smarter. Explore the full Mirage product line from flange facing machines, milling machines, hot tapping, drilling and tapping machines to clamshell pipe cutters, decommissioning and band saws. All backed by Enerpac training, application support and service.Design & InnovationMirage Portable Machine Tools are the result of over 25 years of expertise and innovation. The pioneering spirit continues under Enerpac ownership through our commitment to new product development. Watch out for more new tools being launched in the near future!

Continuous Improvement

Our specialist manufacturing operation is ISO9001 certified. This means we drive a culture of continuous improvement. Our team members are encouraged to find ways to improve today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

Specialist Support, Experience & Expertise

Each machining project presents difficult and unique challenges. Making the right choice for your next and any future projects can be complex. That is why our team is eager to support you through every step on your journey. Whether it is choosing the right specification, commissioning your machine, or maintenance – we’re with you all the way.

Mirage Flange Facers are known for precision construction, the results they deliver, and how easy they are to set-up on-site. These high-performing machines produce continuous groove facing feeds to ASME standards for the oil & gas, power generation, and petrochemical industries.

MM-I Series feature
• Hardened slideways for long term accuracy
• High torque low noise drive
• Heat exchanger machining accessories available on most models

• Heat exchanger flanges
• Hub profiles
• Lens ring joints & raised face flanges
• Recessed gaskets and spigots
• Ring type joint grooves (RTJ)
• SPO compact flanges
• Swivel ring & TECHLOK flanges
• Welding preparations

Surface finish & accuracy

All Mirage Flange facing Machines provide a serrated finish with 30-55 grooves per inch and a resultant roughness of between Ra 3,2-12,5μ (125-492 micro inches). Geared multiple continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish (ASME Standard).

Clamshell Cutters

Clamshell cutters in the Enerpac range remain true to the pioneering designs that made DL Ricci the ‘go-to’ brand for

machinists worldwide. Outstanding performance and a comprehensive choice has seen them used widely for applications in new construction, decommissioning, component replacement, fabrication, and maintenance.

Robust and efficient pipe cutting and bevelling

Designed for any industry that needs pipe or tube cutting, or any pipe end preparation weld repair. This may be in oil and gas sector, power generation, ship building/dock yards, or processing plants during maintenance and shut downs.


  • Pipe cutting
  • Weld preparation
  • Cutting materials, including super duplex,

    carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy and incolloy

  • For pipe diameters up to 177 inch (4495 mm)
  • Ideal for projects beyond the usual clamshell configuration – using a wide range of purpose designed accessories. Included as Standard with Each Machine
  • Clamshell body
  • Locators & extensions covering the full range
  • Slides
  • Motor & Mounting
  • Air Caddy
  • Tool Kit
  • Manual
  • Shipping crate.