Flange Spreaders

Enerpac Flange Tools

Equalizer flange spreading products under the trusted brand Enerpac

Hi-Press Hydraulics Ltd, we are the official UK distributor of Enerpac hydraulic products since 1974. We sell, service, maintain & repair an extensive range of hydraulic and mechanical alignment tools, as well as hydraulic nut splitters and a variety of mechanical and hydraulic spreading tools for the separation of stubborn joints.

flange maintenance tools

Flange Spreaders

These spreaders use mechanical and hydraulic principles for separating flanges and can spread small, medium or large flange joints

Flange alignment tools

Flange Alignment Tools

Flange alignment tools are developed to rectify twist and rotational misalignment without additional stress in pipelines

hydraulic nut splitters and cutters

Nut Splitters and Cutters

Nut splitting with hydraulic nut splitters and cutters is the safest method

Flange facing machines

Flange Facing Machines

A range of internal and external mount machines for flanges with a mounting diameter of up to 120″

hydraulic flange puller sets

Hydraulic Flange Puller Sets

Flange pullers are simple, lightweight hydraulic tools used to pull together flanges prior to the application of bolts

valve change-out tool sets

Valve Change-Out Tool Sets

Our range of Valve Change-Out tool sets have been developed to assist in the removal of valves

piping isolation and test tools

Piping Isolation and Test Tools

Combination Isolation and Test Tool assures vapor-free isolation for hot work and high-pressure capability between seals for testing welds with one tool