Calibration Systems

Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

The MCS-Series Mobile Calibration System is the solution of choice for users with a wide range of controlled bolting tools being used in diverse locations. The compact and lightweight construction is equally at home in the field or the back of a van, capable of accurately measuring torque from 200 to 10000 Nm. A heavy-duty, adjustable reaction block facilitates use with all Enerpac continuous rotation tools, and most competitive tools. A secondary reaction post enables use with those tools that won’t fit the standard reaction block. Simply mount the wrench to be calibrated onto the MCS, position the reaction arm into the reaction block, and actuate the wrench. A digital display indicates the torque output. An integrated software (comes with standard MCS package) allows multiple runs to be recorded, graphed, displayed or printed using a computer equipped with Microsoft Windows (computer not included). The software package also facilitates the creation of calibration certificates utilizing preset or operator designated calibration parameters. When the job is finished, the calibration test results or certificate can be printed or stored electronically for later reference.

Mobile Calibration System

MCS7500C, Mobile Calibration System with Carrying Case


Female Reducer Set

MCS7500RS, Female Reducer Set for Mobile Calibration System