Enerpac Electric Hydraulic Tensioner Pump

Enerpac Tensioner Pumps

A wide range of hydraulic tensioner pumps including: manual, air and electrically operated pump units.

• Solenoid-operated valve with 6 m pendant for remote control of valve and one-man operation
• Easily accessible manual override valve to release pressure if power is lost
• Safety relief valve limits output pressure
• Two-stage pump design provides high flow at low pressure for fast system fills and controlled flow at high pressure for accurate operation
• 1,25 kW heavy-duty universal motor provides the best performance- to-weight ratio
• Replaceable 10 micron reservoir breather and inline high pressure filter helps maintain oil cleanliness for optimum performance
• Panel-mounted 153 mm pressure gauge, with polycarbonate cover, is set into the protective metal shroud for improved visibility.

ZUTP-Tensioning Pumps

ZUTP-pumps achieve high pressure without the need for an intensifier. This allows for low maintenance,

resulting in less cost for the end-user.

ZUTP-S with Solenoid Valve

The ZUTP1500S with pendant-operated solenoid valve is ideal for multiple bolt tensioning applications as it allows for single-person operation. The operator can pressurize and depressurize the tensioner directly from the pendant.

Air Tensioner Pump

Enerpac Air Tensioner Pumps

A wide range of air operated hydraulic tensioner pumps.

ATP1500, High Pressure Hydraulic Air Tensioning Pump, 1500 bar

Enerpac Electric Hydraulic Tensioner Pump

Enerpac Electric Tensioner Pumps

A wide range of electrically operated hydraulic tensioner pumps.

Manual Tensioner Pumps

Enerpac Manual Tensioner Pumps

A wide range of manually operated hydraulic tensioner pumps.