hydraulic custom cylinders

Custom Cylinders

We provide the largest selection of cylinders for virtually any application in industrial and commercial work environments. When our standard cylinders don’t meet your application needs, our group of engineers, designers and product specialists will work with you to produce a cylinder that is custom-made for your specific application.

With a robust range of customization capabilities and an established process for delivering cost-effective, timely solutions we’ve developed custom hydraulic cylinders and jacks for thousands of applications. Our depth of manufacturing resources can support high volume, simple modifications, as well as private labeling. When it comes to cylinders, customization may be required for applications needing the ability to handle extreme side loads, have special corrosion protection, or special mounting needs.

Commonly customizable features include

  • Stroke
  • Capacity
  • Paint
  • Pressure Rating
  • Fittings and Attachments
  • Seals
  • Sensors
  • Collapsed Height
  • Rod Modifications
  • Special Mounting Options
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Plunger
  • Thread length

Custom Cylinders Examples

Custom double-acting lock nut cylinders

Custom double-acting lock nut cylinders with internal stroke sensors and an integrated load holding valve for lifting nuclear components. Load test video

custom SyncHoist cylinders

One of three custom SyncHoist cylinders used to place a 1,140 ton nuclear plant module

Custom 500 ton cylinders

Custom 500 ton cylinders with 72 inches of stroke for lifting electric rope shovels.